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Curious B‚aviens ( Baavians) case

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 8:06 am    Post subject: Curious B‚aviens ( Baavians) case Reply with quote

Today I will introduce you, to a curious French case.

The B‚aviens ( BAAVIANS).

Nothing to do with the BIAVIANS ( Greyz ??) of Martin Riley


Or " maybe", indeed, something todo.

This French case came in the 60's. So before a loot of others contacts like the Ummoans ( French-Spanish-World case), Koldasians ( South Africa 's one) or Pleadians....

The french author Robert Charroux made this nearly unknow case popular in his boock in the 60-70's.

The contactee know with the pseudo 's namme "Emen -is" ( Mister Roy ??) contacting the well know Robert+Charroux with a letter to explain.

A loot of Ufolog's in the years 60-70 receiving letters and other's artifacts from Extraterrestrials coming from the near Sun System : Alpha Centaury ?

I know " deeply" 2 Belgium's Ufolog who just receive that...People near a well Know Ufolog here Mister Maurice D.

I precise, It's before all these UMMO THEORY and letters...Just before ?

What they say and give ?

They give an Alphabet ( one moore time Semetics one, near Arabic or Hebrew) , grammars, symbols, and how to made a UFO....by the namme of " VAIDORGE" ( very like the Hindu's Vimanas or modern TR-3B )

They speak about their home, the planet BAAVI in Alpha Centaury system.
They travel in sort of "space-tunnel" ( they speak about a negative or mirror Universe, just like the Koldasians or the Ummoans).
With a reverse time stuff. They travel back in Time.

The Koldasians tell the same thing, space travel can happen, by touching the mirror-Universe.

On their planets, they control sort a Sasquash who help them ( remember it's 60's, no Star Wars stuff in these time). They have discoverd Mars and planet earth. Mars finally destroy themself and the Martians ( Baavians) come on earth to mixt with Asian's people. So Asiatics people must still have some BAAVIANS ADN .
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